Relaxation Therapy


Stress can negatively impact your physical, mental, and spiritual health. It adversely affects your immune system.  lowers your productivity at home and at work strains marital relationships and friendships and also affects parenting skills.

In this busy life we lead it seems virtually impossible to accomplish everything you need to do, without becoming stressed out. However It’s not impossible. A little practice and you, too, can shake the stress off your shoulders! Once you learn to control and relieve your stress level, you’ll see that you’re able to accomplish more at home and at work.

Focusing on the benefits to the mind and body of deep relaxation. Most of the work I do in Relaxation Therapy is done through visualisation and use of imagination. It is very therapeutic and gives a warm feeling of calm.
I use this therapy to help clients to use the mind to achieve deep relaxation quickly and easily.
There are many many benefits of this therapy such as
  • Self Improvement (building self confidence, self esteem, social skills, overcoming shyness, assertiveness etc.)
  • Health (motivationg weight loss, exercise routine, addictions).
  • Personal Development (anxiety, self motivation booster and improved concentration).
  • Pain relief
  • Stress Management
  • Relaxation

How does a typical session go?

As with all forms of Therapy the initial consultation is about us getting to know one another. We chat about the problems you are having and then we move on to what we can do to help. It is all very positive and you are very much in charge at all times. I will never do anything with a client that they feel at all uncomfortable with.  I will talk you through various visualisations whilst listening to music and tap into your imagination. The session will usually last an hour, however as with all my Therapies we can offer an extension if necessary.

This Therapy can be done in your own home if you prefer.